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          R & D AND DESIGN

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          R & D and design

            Harbin Institute of Large Electric Machinery affiliated to HEC is the only technology focal unit for large electric machines and hydro-turbines of the whole country. The Institute, as the company’s research foundation, undertakes the works of new product development, scientific research, technology application and some of the major process of etc. for inside of the company, and acts as the electric machine and hydraulic turbine industry technology focal unit for the outside, bear national standard setting work for turbine, generator and ocean energy conversion equipment, and is the counterpart in the corresponding international organization for standardization, responsible for the works of the quality supervision and inspection center of large turbine and electric machinery products of machinery industry authorized by Certification and Administration of the P.R.China. Over the years, a large number of scientific research projects are completed, among which over 150 gained national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards and invention patents, the vast majority of them are directly applied in key projects in the country, such as the large hydro, thermal and nuclear power plant projects named Three Gorges, Gezhouba, Xiluodu, Xiangjiaba, Xianju, Liyang, Baihetan, Taizhou,Sanmen,Haiyang etc.