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          • Quality Assurance
          • Safety and Environmental Protection

          Quality Assurance

          • ISO 9001 Certificate

          • Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

            Quality policy:Meet market demand, provide customer with satisfied products, improve overall performance continuously and rank among the most advanced company in the world.
            Quality policy essence:To be the first both at home and abroad.
            Quality concept:Meticulous process, high-qualified product.
            Quality concept essence:Quality first. Quality is the life of the company. The quality today is the market tomorrow.
            The quality management system of HEC is perfect. The company has developed a multilevel, holistic quality assurance service including finished products tests, semi-finished products tests, hot processing tests, forging tests, welding tests, metal processing tests and assemble tests to meet the quality assurance demand of the company’s production and management for achieving the long-term strategies.
            HEC have passed the certification audit of The New Age Company and Watson Company consecutively in the past six years; organized three times suppliers’ seminars on quality; held the meeting of 2011 HEC “Starting Quality Long March project”. Especially in August 2011, HEC was passing certificates from ASME and finally passed the test and appraisal of joint review team and will receive the stamps and certificates of N, NA and NPT nuclear products from ASME. This indicates that our company has been approved by international authoritative institution of nuclear island’s manufacture and quality assurance system, gained the permit to compete in the world,which will lay a solid foundation for HEC’s management, brand image and operation.

          Safety and Environmental Protection

          • Certificate of Environmental Management System

          • Certificate of occupational health and safety management system

            The OHS&EMS Policies of the Company:Reduce High Pollution; Pursue Safety Health Performance; Create Green Harmonious Enterprise.
            The company runs according to law and ensures the occupational health and safety, as well as carries out environment management in accordance to the rules and laws. According to the requirements of the procedure, the company has improved OHS, environmental protection and regulations, so that the company runs in the rules and laws.
            Following the principle of continuous improvement, the company not only formulates reasonable objectives and action projects, but also fully satisfies the changing situations of production and management as well as requirements of laws and regulations, and then continually improves performance on safety production, environmental protection and prevention and cure of occupational disease in accordance with our reality.
            In order to minimize the number of accidents, the company sticks to the policies of safety first,prevention crucial and comprehensive treatment in the following ways: Firstly starting from improving performance on effective prevention and control over occupational health, safety risk. Secondly by exact research on dangerous source and environmental factors, scientific education means, advanced technical equipments, effective operational control and emergency response mechanism.
            Through the establishment and effective operation of Occupational Health and Safety/Environmental Management System, the company promotes the harmonious development of production and management activities and occupational health and safety/environmental management, and then, ultimately builds into a green enterprise with highly social responsibility and high degree of intrinsic safety and full of creative vitality.
            On the base of national, provincial occupational health and safety, environmental protection laws and regulations, the company constantly enhances employee's awareness of safety production and environmental protection and improves staff security technology and security cultural quality. To help establish Occupational Health and Safety/Environmental Management System with HEC characteristics, the company also sets up the security concept of “people-oriented, safety and healthy”, and brings about changes from “I want security” to “I would be safe”.
            Security Concept: people-oriented, safety and health
            The concept of “people-oriented, safety and healthy”, paying attention on every employee’s interests, is the requirement, prerequisite and foundation. We always put employees’ security and health on a top priority by eliminating the hidden danger and timely coping with unsafe factors such as pollution, dust and noise on the basis of employees and their lives. All the staff are required to establish the ideal of “security first”, comply with safety regulations and achieve the safety target of “without accident” to ensure the healthy, harmonious and rapid development of HEC.
            In January 2006, our company was approved the Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
            On December 6th 2008, approved by China Machinery Industry Association of Safety and Health, HEC was appraised the level of First-Class Standardized Enterprise of Safety Production in the score of 969.61 and was awarded the title of First-Class Standardized Enterprise of Safety Production by State Administration of Safety Work in November 2009.
            The Rules of Safety Production:
            Five Examinations: awareness, management, hidden dangers, usage and improvement.
            Four Responsibilities: any worker who is in charge of the task should be on duty, any worker who is on duty should take charge, any worker who is the beneficiary should be responsible, and any worker who causes accidents should be on duty.
            Three Controls: Self-control, mutual control, monitor control.
            Two Advancements: the professional teams implement the primary advancement and the office teams implement the secondary advancement.
            Supervision: Supervision-first.
            Safety production is the root of the company’s living and development. The company always adheres to development conception of “people-oriented, safety and healthy” and tries our best to ensure safety production with high political and social responsibilities, comprehensively uses a series of effective ways in thoughts, politics, administration and economy to form the safety production pattern with unified thoughts, advanced pattern, full participation in all-directions and significant efficiency. As a result, safety production situation makes more and more stably and the interests of all staffs are maintained positively.